Insulated Conductors Committee

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Fall 2010 Insulated Conductors Committee Awards

ICC Certificates of Appreciation

ICC Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following:

IEEE/PES Technical Committee Certificates of Appreciation

IEEE/PES Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following outgoing Chairmen:

Thomas C. Champion for Services Rendered as Chair, Subcommittee B Cable Accessories 2007 - 2009

Rob Schlesinger for Services Rendered as Vice-Chair, Working Group F03 Guide for Field Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems Using Very Low Frequency (VLF)

Vern Buchholz for Services Rendered as Chair, Discussion Group F06 DC Field Testing of Extruded Cable Systems

Ralph Patterson for Services Rendered as Vice-Chair, Discussion Group F06 DC Field Testing of Extruded Cable Systems

Mark Walton for Services Rendered as Chair, Discussion Group F09 Accelerated Electrical Aging

2010 IEEE/PES Technical Committee Distinguished Service Award

Jim Fitzgerald

Career Highlights James (Jim) V. Fitzgerald began his professional career as an Electrical Engineer after graduating with a B.S. degree from Manhattan College, located in Riverdale, NY in 1970. Jim was a student member of IEEE from 1969 -1970, moving to Member grade in June 1970, after his initial employment in 1970 with the Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco). Jim moved to the Phelps Dodge Cable and Wire Company in 1972. According to the ICC Historical Minutes, his first ICC meeting attendance was the Spring meeting of 1975, attending the old Subcommittee No. 3 (Cable Characteristics), No. 5 (Insulations) and No. 7 (Cable Supply Systems) meetings. In 1982 Jim moved to the Okonite Company, and attended seven (7) ICC meetings between 1988 and 1992, again participating in Subcommittees 3, 5 and 7. Since 1995 thru the current Fall 2010 meeting, Jim has not missed an ICC meeting, totaling 32 consecutive ICC meetings, for a total of 39 since his first attendance in 1975, spanning 36 years. Jim has made numerous presentations at WG and DG meetings and in the Educational Subcommittee over the years in support of the ICC's objectives of education in the wire and cable industry. He served as Chair of DG 6-3 (Guide for Selecting & Testing Jackets for Underground Cables) and Vice-Chair of DG 9-32 (Guide to Cable jackets) from 1997 - 1998. He was appointed and served as ICC Vice-Chair Treasurer Elect in 2003, ICC Vice-Chair for 2004/2005, ICC Chair 2006/2007 and is currently serving an extended period as ICC Past Chair 2008 - 2011. Jim continues to support the ICC with his services in helping with printing of ICC meeting materials (ICC Agenda, Technical Programs, etc., etc.), has on many occasions shipped these materials and equipment at his company's expense, remained as custodian of the ICC presentations computer and LCD projectors between meetings and provided general support to the current officers. Jim continues to provide outstanding service to the ICC in the form of guidance to new incoming ICC Officers in the position of Past ICC Chair, and will be serving as the Immediate ICC Past Chair for at least one more year (thru 2011).

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