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1997 Bahder Award - Bahder Family

 Presented To 

For advancement of the technology for high voltage power cable and accessories, including basic design concepts, test techniques, designs, system engineering, and pioneer research.

November 3,1997
102nd Meeting of the Insulated Conductors Committee

50th Year Anniversary Meeting
Don CeSar Beach Resort, St. Pete Beach, Florida
November 2-5,1997  


Base Plate Inscription 

DR. GEORGE H. BAHDER 1925 - 1982 

Award accepted on behalf of the Family of Dr. George H. Bahder by
Dr. Gregory Bahder and Dr. Thomas Bahder   

Historical Data - Dr. George H. Bahder 

Principal Achievements of Dr. George H. Bahder

Significant publications encompassed electrical and electro-chemical treeing effects in extruded dielectric cables, corona detection in power cables, aqing and breakdown of extruded dielectric power cables. 

Acceptance of the Dr. George H. Bahder Memorial Award

By the Family of Dr. George H. Bahder

We’re proud to be here to accept this award. 

Our father left Poland and came to the United States because he was not able to effectively work in his field under the communist regime. Like many immigrants he saw the U.S. as the land of opportunity. He arrived here in 1962,with his wife and two children, at the age of 37 years old, having only $300. He spent 20 years living the "American Dream" and fell ill at the height of his career. 

When someone dies, people close to them feel the pain of separation and are reminded of their own mortality. In receiving this award we are reminded that although our father's body has died, he lives on in his work as well as in our hearts. 

We would like to thank everybody who made this possible, especially Mr. Katz, Dr. Fryszczyn and ICC. Thank you from all of our family.


Gregory and Thomas Bahder

Postscript: The Bahder family has chosen Mississippi State University as the recipient of the $2,500 scholarship.

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