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Bill TaylorBill Taylor

Past Chairman

Distinguished Service Award 2017

Bill Taylor received the 2017 Technical Committee Distinguished Service Award with the following citation: For his leadership of cable accessory Working and Discussion Groups and for mentoring of new engineers via educational presentations at Subcommittee and Educational Programs.

 Career Highlights


 Bill Taylor graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree.


He spent 14 years as an electrical engineer for several petrochemical plants on the Houston ship channel. He joined the 3M Electrical Markets Division in February 1989 from which he retired in June 2015 after 26 years with 3M. During his time with 3M, Bill focused on power cable accessory product development and cable accessory application engineering to provide solutions to a variety of utility and industrial customer cable accessory needs.

Outside of work, he has been very active in community volunteering activities that have included: 

·         Junior Achievement,
·         National Engineer’s Week,
·         Mentoring at Wooten Elementary (local Austin Adopt-A-School program),
·         Meals on Wheels

As a result of which, he won 3M’s Corporate Volunteer of the Year Award in 1997.


 He has served diligently on a variety of cable accessory industry organizations and committees including the following:

·         Member of IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) and its Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC), which provides an international forum for the exchange of electrical applications technology related to the petroleum and chemical industry.
·         Member of the IEEE Power Engineering Society
·         Member, Insulated Conductors Committee where he has participated in and chaired many discussion and standards groups that included the following:
    o   Chairman, Working Group B1, Revision of IEEE 48 Standard Test Procedures and Requirements for High-Voltage Alternating Current Cable Terminations Rated 2.5 kV through 765 kV.
    o   Chairman Working Group B10, Guide to Select Terminations for Shielded Power Cables 5-46kV.
    o   Member of Executive Committee including Chairman during 2004 - 2005.


Bill has published numerous cable accessory related technical papers in IEEE publications and magazines and has presented at several technical conferences including the following:

·         “IEEE 48 and 404 are Taking Off in a new Direction”, Fall 2014 Subcommittee B (w/Jeff Madden)
·         “Joint Failure Investigation”, Spring 2014 Subcommittee B
·         “Evaluation of Joints and In-Line Modulars Under more than 50 Feet of Water”, Spring 2014, Subcommittee D, (w/Doug DePriest)
·         “Failure Analysis Procedure for Medium Voltage Cable Accessories”, Spring 2014, Subcommittee B, Group B12 Minutes
·         “Connectors under Joints Test Data”, Fall 2013 Subcommittee B
·         “Taped Joints Review”, Spring 2013, Subcommittee B, Group B21,
·         “Paper Insulated Lead Covered Distribution Cables and Accessories”, Fall 2010 ICC Educations Session
·         “Japanese Covered Conductors”, Fall 2008, Subcommittee A, Group A19
·         “A New Cold Shrink 69 kV Termination”, Fall 2008, Subcommittee B
·         “Electrical Stress Control”, Fall 1999, Educational Session

Bill Taylor

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