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Why should you be involved in the ICC?

The ICC has just completed its 50th year. Some of the key accomplishments in the recent past include:

The list is almost endless, if you include all the work the ICC has done since its beginning. Your continued involvement and support will insure another 50 years of accomplishments

The standards making process is the backbone of the ICC. There are over 40 working and discussion groups active in the ICC concerned with a wide range of topics including power cable standards, submarine cables, fiber optics, cleaning solvents for electric cables, ampacity tables, soil thermal stability, testing and diagnostics, magnetic fields and many more. The new realities in the electric industry have elevated standards to a position of great importance. It can be shown that standardization leads to cost reduction and higher quality products. In addition, today's standards are taking on a global importance by breaking down international barriers to trade. A good example is the recent North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Cable, for example, moves both ways across our borders because of standards and harmonization of standards. By becoming involved in this process, you can take an active position in steering the future of the electrical cable industry.

There is a growing emphasis on new technology in the wire and cable area that includes the use of telecommunication cables, fiber optic cables, moisture impervious cables, high voltage solid dielectric cables, low smoke-zero halogen cables, etc.., especially relating to the way they are integrated into power systems. The ICC offers an open exchange of detailed technical information between researchers, suppliers and users of cable systems that is unparalleled in others areas of the this and other industries. This exchange fuels the advancement of the electrical cable industry, not only by promoting the state of the art but by providing an incomparable learning experience to the younger or more inexperienced members who participate in the training sessions, didactics and various meetings.

Without participation in the ICC meetings, individuals may not have any idea who their counterparts are throughout the country and the world. It is important to establish and maintain professional relationships with your counterparts throughout the industry. These relationships foster friendships as well as provide access to the best information available, especially when problems arise. The ICC is a congenial group that provides an excellent setting for working with your fellow engineers.

Problems in the electrical cable industry are always being addressed both formally and informally by members of the ICC. The ICC meetings provide a forum to discuss these problems as well as theories on cable failures with industrial and utility engineers, cable suppliers and other experts in the cable industry. In many cases, solutions are found during these meetings. As an example, a southeastern utility was able to forestall an 8 million dollar cable replacement expenditure, because its engineers discovered the right technique for installing lightning arrestors. This information was shared during a past ICC meeting.

As one can see, the ICC offers a wealth of information to the cable engineer. Participation in the meetings allows individuals (YOU and therefore your sponsoring company) to take a proactive stance in developing the future of the electrical cable industry. Our companies cannot afford to operate in a vacuum and expect to maintain technical excellence. We must take advantage of the excellent information presented and exchanged by participating in meetings such as the ICC. The synergistic effects of such meetings are important, if we are to remain technically competent let alone technically excellent. Summed up: The ICC Is A Key To Your Future !!!!

Focusing on the future, the ICC has developed a program that will lead us into the next century, called "VISION 2000." From this program the ICC has developed a "Mission Statement" that addresses the technological understanding, application and safe use of conductors having insulation or coverings. This mission statement supplemented by the "Scope " of our committee enforces our commitment to the electrical cable industry. The ICC Scope and a Mission Statement. These documents will appear in all future minutes and will be kept up to date to ensure the ICC is current with new ideas and technology. Furthermore, the ICC has begun a program to educate the new attendees in the methods and procedures of our committee. We call it the "Orientation Program."

The Officers of the ICC invite you to join us at the next meeting as we tackle the technical issues of the wire and cable industry of the 21st century.

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