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Spring 2016 Insulated Conductors Committee Awards

ICC Certificates of Appreciation

ICC Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following:

IEEE/PES Technical Committee Certificates of Appreciation

 IEEE/PES Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following:

2016 IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award  

Recognizing exceptional achievements in our profession, by both individuals and organizations, is an important part of the mission of the IEEE.  Each year the IEEE Awards Board recommends a select group of recipients to receive the IEEE's most prestigious honors.  The IEEE Board of Directors has named George Anders as the recipient of the 2016 IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award with the following citation:  

For contributions to advances in computational methods for the thermal rating of electric power cables.  

This award is sponsored by the Robert and Ruth Halperin Foundation, in memory of the late Herman and Edna Halperin, and the IEEE Power & Energy Society. It will be presented at the 2016 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting.

2016 IEEE PES Technical Committee Working Group Recognition Award

Each Technical Committee is entitled and encouraged to recognize the chair and members of one outstanding working group per committee per year. The recognition can be for the development of a published standard/guide, a published technical report or other technical document.

Name of Working Group:  C2 - Guide for High Voltage Cable Sheath Bonding (IEEE 575-2014 Guide for Bonding Sheaths and Shields of Single-Conductor Power Cables Rated 5 - 500 kV)

Chair of Working Group:  Michael Buckweitz

Vice Chair:  Thomas Champion

Members of Working Group: Torben Aabo, Richard W. Allen, Jr., Pierre Argaut, Ray Awad, Earle C. Bascom, III, Mohamed Chaaban, John H. Cooper, Dennis F. DeCosta, Swapan K. Dey, Anthony Ernst, William G. Hansen, Wolfgang B. Haverkamp, Dennis E. Johnson, Arthur J. Kroese, Frederic Lesur, Allen MacPhail, Neal K. Parker, Ray E. Saccany (Deceased), William D. Wilkens, Jay A. Williams

2016 Technical Committee Distinguished Service Award

Each Technical Committee is encouraged to select one individual to for this award for outstanding service to the committee. This personal recognition acknowledges the efforts of an individual whose sustained performance, over many years, has contributed to the advancement of the committee technology.

Nirmal Singh received the 2016 Technical Committee Distinguished Service Award with the following citation: For leadership in Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) of high-voltage gas- and liquid-filled cable systems, and furthering the understanding of gas analysis and its meaning.

Career Highlights


Dr. Nirmal Singh has two bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree from India, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from UK. He has served on the advisory board for the Electrical Engineering Department at Michigan Technological University since 1982, and has supervised 17 Master’s theses in EE at MTU.  He is also on the advisory board for the University of Michigan. 


He came to Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1969 to work for a year as an electrical engineer at GE. One year stretched to eight, after which he moved to Michigan to work for Detroit Edison (now DTE Energy). At DTE, Nirmal works as a Technological Specialist assisting and furthering research in the power industry while managing a first-rate oil and paper laboratory unrivaled in the United States.

Nirmal is an internationally-recognized expert in (paper and oil) dielectric analysis for high-voltage power cables and transformers with an outstanding volume of published research reports, guides, handbooks and referenced articles in journals. His achievements also include the development of US patent on the EPRI Disposable Oil Sampling System (EDOSS) technology for dissolved gas analysis, which is widely used across the power industry.

Many domestic (over 60, virtually all with cables 69 kV and above) and foreign (EdF, France; Irish State Electricity Board, Dublin; Tenaga, Malaysia; Seneca, Venezuela; most Canadian) utilities utilize the DTE Dielectric Lab facility today for the dissolved gas analysis for high-voltage power cables and transformers based on technology developed by him.



He is a dielectric scientist and has over 60 publications in referenced journals and with EPRI, including two co-authored patents, one of which is on DGA:

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