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Spring 2015 Insulated Conductors Committee Awards

ICC Certificates of Appreciation

ICC Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following:

IEEE/PES Technical Committee Certificates of Appreciation

 IEEE/PES Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following:

2015 IEEE PES Technical Committee Working Group Recognition Award

Each Technical Committee is entitled and encouraged to recognize the chair and members of one outstanding working group per committee per year. The recognition can be for the development of a published standard/guide, a published technical report or other technical document.

Name of Working Group:  B19 - Cable Preparation Techniques for Installation of Cable Accessories (IEEE 1816-2013 Guide for Preparation Techniques of Extruded Dielectric, Shielded Cables Rated 2.5 kV through 46 kV and the Installation of Mating Accessories)

Chair of Working Group:  David Crotty

Vice Chair:  Mike Smalley  

Members of Working Group: Saleman Alibhay, Glen Bertini, Edward Bradley, Tom Campbell, Thomas Champion, Michael Dyer, Jon Erickson, Michael Faulkenberry, Mark Furtick, John Hans, Richie Harp, Jeff Helzer, David Hughes, Margaret Jasek, Farris Jibril, Glenn Luzzi, John Makal, Tim McLaughlin, Aaron Norris, Armando Rios, Ewell Robeson, Stan Szyszko, Bill Taylor, Carl Wentzel, Harry Yaworski  

Citation: For the timely development, reaching of consensus, and issuance of an entirely new standard on cable preparation for installation of joints and terminations.

2015 Technical Committee Distinguished Service Award

Each Technical Committee is encouraged to select one individual to for this award for outstanding service to the committee. This personal recognition acknowledges the efforts of an individual whose sustained performance, over many years, has contributed to the advancement of the committee technology.

Deepak Parmar received the 2015 Technical Committee Distinguished Service Award with the following citation: For his leadership in the area of thermal resistivity of soils and backfill materials, and testing the properties of those materials.

Career Highlights


He holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Woolwich Polytechnic (1966, London, U.K.) and a Diploma in Management Studies (1972, Slough Polytechnic, U.K.).


During undergraduate studies, he worked at Soil Mechanics Ltd., London, U.K. in the geotechnical laboratory conducting specialized geotechnical and rock mechanics testing. After graduating he joined the firm in the capacity of laboratory manager, in-charge of soil and rock mechanical laboratories and specialized in field (in-situ) testing. From 1973 to 1978, he worked with two civil engineering consulting firms in Canada specializing in geotechnical and material testing, and instrumentation of tunnels and shafts in soft ground and in rock.

In 1978, he founded Geotherm Inc., specializing in underground cable-related soil and backfill testing. He was retained on -contract by Ontario Hydro Research for two years to assist in winter earth-work studies as well on thermal aspects of soils and backfills for underground power cable applications. During this time, he worked on EPRI-funded projects for the design and development of the Thermal Property Analyzer and thermal aspects of soil and backfills.

Since 1980, Geotherm have undertaken numerous research contracts for Canadian government agencies as well as for electric utilities and cable manufacturers in Canada, North America, and overseas. These include:

• Building a database of Canadian soils through field and laboratory testing to correlate geotechnical and thermal parameters

• Evaluation of thermal parameters of soil, backfill and various types of concrete for earth energy storage/utilization (ground and ground water coupled heat pumps)

• Study of buffer materials for the storage and containment of low-level nuclear waste.

Geotherm has performed more than 400 route thermal survey projects for underground and submarine cable crossings. He was a member of the team of experts retained to investigate the cable failures in Auckland, New Zealand.


Member of the IEEE Power Engineering Society

Member, Insulated Conductors Committee

Member, Canadian Society for Civil Engineers

Member, Canadian Geotechnical Society

Member, Tunneling Association of Canada

Member, Canadian Electrical Association

Member, CIGRÉ


He has authored and coauthored numerous papers on the application of thermal parameters of soils and backfills, and was the principal author for the IEEE Guide for Soil Thermal Resistivity Testing. He has conducted numerous seminars and courses on underground T&D cable ampacity. Many of these were presented to utilities in Australia, New Zealand, India, the Middle-East and the Far East.

·Thermal Environment Design Considerations for Ampacity of Buried Power Cables at the April 2014 IEEE Transmission & Distribution Conference in Chicago

·Native Soils and Thermal Backfills – Underground Cable Projects, Middle-East at the Spring 2014 Subcommittee C Cable Systems meeting in Kansas City

·Submarine Cable Route Surveys Means & Methods - Soil Sampling and In-situ Testing at the Spring 2014 Working Group C11 Submarine Cable Systems meeting in Kansas City

·Thermal Grouts for HDD Installations at the Fall 2010 Subcommittee C Cable Systems meeting in Fountain Hills

·Importance of Soil Thermal Characteristic for Cable Rating at the Spring 2010 Subcommittee C Cable Systems meeting in Nashville

·A Submarine Cable TR Survey on the West Coast (California) at the Fall 2007 Transnational Luncheon in Scottsdale

·Land and Submarine Thermal Survey of the Saudi-Bahrain Link at the Spring  2007 Transnational Luncheon in Orlando

· Thermal Testing and Soil Sampling for the 180 km, 141 kV DC Transmission Line in South Australia at the Spring 2000 Transnational Luncheon in Albuquerque

· NZ Geothermal Data at the Fall 1999 Transnational Luncheon in St. Petersburg

May 10, 2015


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