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Spring 2014 Insulated Conductors Committee Awards

ICC Certificates of Appreciation

ICC Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following:

IEEE/PES Technical Committee Certificates of Appreciation

 IEEE/PES Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following:

2014 IEEE PES Technical Committee Working Group Recognition Award

Each Technical Committee is entitled and encouraged to recognize the chair and members of one outstanding working group per committee per year. The recognition can be for the development of a published standard/guide, a published technical report or other technical document.

Name of Working Group:  C29 Guideline for Working Procedures on Underground Transmission Circuits with Induced Voltage (IEEE 1727-2013, IEEE Guide for Working Procedures on Underground Transmission Circuits with Induced Voltage)

Chair of Working Group:  Albert Kong  
Vice Chair:  Pierre Argaut  
Technical Editor: Nijam Robert Uddin  
Members of Working Group: Mahmood Akhtar, Víctor Antoniello, David Bogden, John Cooper, Dennis DeCosta, David Dubois, Marcia Eblen, Frank Frentzas, Henk Geene, Todd Goyette, Jim Hunt, Dennis Johnson, Jeff Joy, Kishan Kasondra, Matthias Kirchner, Don Koonce, Arthur Kroese, Frederic Lesur, Jose Lopez, Allen MacPhail, Ted Nishioka, Mohammad Pasha, Rick Piteo Forest Rong, Darrell Sabatka, Ray Saccany (Deceased), Mark Smith, Hon Suen, Austin Tingley, Jade Wong, Tiebin Zhao, Joe Zimnoch

IEEE/PES Fellows Class of 2014

The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) highest grade of Fellow recognizes excellence for notable achievements in power engineering and industrial applications.  The Fellow grade is conferred upon people of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the various fields of the IEEE for their important individual contributions to one or more technical fields.  In accordance with IEEE bylaws, the total number of Fellows selected in any one year does not exceed one-tenth of one percent of the total membership of over 431,191 people. The selection to Fellow requires the endorsement of five Fellows, a Technical Committee, and the Board of Fellows of an IEEE Society as well as the IEEE Board of Directors.

Kent Brown was one of 293 IEEE Senior Members, one of 24 PES members and the only Insulated Conductors Committee member recognized for leadership in standards development for design, testing, and utilization of electrical equipment for the nuclear power industry.

2014 IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award

Presented by Dr. Peter Staecker, IEEE Past President to

Willem (Wim) W. Boone
"for successful international leadership and guidance in understanding critical factors affecting power cable life and in improving diagnostic test procedures"

April 25, 2014

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