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1997 Bahder Award Scholarship Recipient

January 6, 1999

Dr. Stan Grzybowski
Mississippi State University
Electrical and Computer Engineering
P.O. Box 9571
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Re: Insulated Conductors Committee Bahder Award for Mississippi State

Dear Stan:

At last I have found the time to present Mississippi State with the enclosed check for $2,500. As you know, the first ICC Bahder award was presented to the sons of Dr. George Bahder in recognition of the contributions made by Dr. Bahder to the science and technology of insulated power cables.

The award consists of a plaque and a $2,500 stipend/scholarship that is made in the recipient’s name to an electric power engineering department at a university or college of the recipient’s choice. In this case, Dr. Bahder’s sons, who were awarded a plaque at a recent ICC meeting, requested the stipend go to support a student in the Electrical Engineering Department at Mississippi State.

Please note that the ICC has stipulated the following requirements regarding the use of Bahder Award funds:

I believe that covers the primary issues related to the Bahder award. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please give me a call.

I look forward to hearing about the studies that the Bahder award will support.


Rick Hartlein

Chairman, IEEE / PES Insulated Conductors Committee

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