Insulated Conductors Committee

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ICC Meeting - 1947 to 1972


No. Mo. Yr. Location Chairman
50th Ma '72 Pittsburgh J. Lozes
49th Nov. '71  Miami P. Ware
48th Apr. '71 Montreal P. Ware    
47th Nov. '70 Philadelphia P. Ware
46th Apr. '70 New Orleans P. Ware
45th Nov.  '69 Washington A. Corry
44th May '69 Anaheim A. Corry
43rd Nov '68 NYC A. Corry
42nd Apr '68 Detroit A. Corry
41st Nov. '67 NYC A. Corry


No. Mo. Yr. Location Chairman
40th Apr '67 Toronto R. Graham
39th Nov '66 NYC R. Graham
38th Apr '66 Los Angeles R. Graham
37th Nov. '65 Philadelphia R. Graham
36th Apr '65 Cincinnati J. Ruekert
35th Nov. '64 Boston J. Ruekert
34th Apr '64  St Louis J. Ruekert
33rd Nov. '63 NYC J. Ruekert
32nd Apr. '63 Kansas City F. Merrell
31st Nov. '62 NYC F. Merrell


No. Mo. Yr. Location Chairman
30th Apr. '62 Richmond F. Merrell
29th Nov. '61 NYC F. Merrell
28th Apr. '61 Elmira F. Hall
27th Nov. '60 NYC F. Hall
26th Apr '60 Chicago F. Hall
25th Nov. '59 NYC F. Hall
24th Apr. '59 Detroit L. Fogg
23rd Nov. '58 NYC L. Fogg
22nd Apr. '58 Miami Beach L. Fogg
21st Nov. '57 NYC L. Fogg


No. Mo. Yr. Location Chairman
20th Apr. '57  Boston M. Ghen
19th Nov. '56 NYC M. Ghen
18th Apr. '56 Toronto M. Ghen
17th Nov. '55 Philadelphia M. Ghen
16th Apr. '55 Cleveland M. McGrath
15th Nov '54 NYC M. McGrath
14th Apr. '54 St Louis M. McGrath
13th Nov. '53 NYC M. McGrath
12th Apr. '53 Pittsburgh C. Hatcher
11th Nov. '52 NYC C. Hatcher


No. Mo. Yr. Location Chairman
10th Apr. '52 NYC C. Hatcher
9th Nov. '51 NYC C. Hatcher
8th Apr. '51 Cincinnati H. Halperin
7th Nov. '50 NYC H. Halperin
6th May '50 Chicago H. Halperin
5th Nov. '49 NYC H. Halperin
4th Apr. '49 Detroit L. Hickernell
3rd Dec '48 NYC L. Hickernell
2nd Apr. '48 Buffalo L. Hickernell
1st Nov. '47 NYC L. Hickernell


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