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John T. Smith, III - Past Chair

John SmithJohn T. Smith III received his B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry from Prairie View A&M University in 1970 and 1973, respectively, with minors in Mathematics. His Master's degree thesis was on the Organo-Metallic Chelates of a-keto-Glutaric and Glyoxylic Acids, published in Nature in 1974.

Upon graduation, he joined Dow Chemical Company in Freeport, Texas and held several positions in Research & Development in Organic Product and Organic Process and Phenolic Polymers Research. Mr. Smith's responsibilities included synthesis of raw materials for polycarbonate production, and synthesis and process development for Dow's Calibre co-polymer polycarbonate product lines. Mr. Smith joined BASF Wyandotte Chemicals in 1979 in Detroit, MI, responsible for development of commercial laundry cleaning products for large institutions. Mr. Smith joined Alcoa Conductor Products Company in 1980 as a Polymer Chemist, responsible for development of low voltage and medium voltage electrical insulation and jacketing materials, and technical support and management of compounding operations for LV and MV materials. Since 1980, and at several locations (Pittsburgh, PA; Indianapolis, IN and Marshall, TX) and several ownership changes of the Alcoa facilities, he has been responsible for procurement of LV and MV compounds and raw materials for electrical power cables, compound production operations, cable extrusion process support, incoming materials quality control and customer technical service support.  Since 1996 he has managed the Marshall Technology Center MV/HV cable testing laboratory of General Cable Corporation.

He is a Member of the IEEE, its Power Engineering Society and Standards Association, and a member of CIGRE. He served as Chair of ICC discussion group A6D (Accelerated Electrical Aging), Vice-Chair of ICC Subcommittee A (Cable Construction and Design) and served as Chair of Subcommittee A.  He also served on numerous Working Groups having to do with accelerated electrical cable testing (A13W), semiconductive materials (A17W), insulation (A04D) and jacketing (A07W) materials.

He is author and co-author of several technical articles on cable cleaning solvents and accelerated cable life testing and cable materials performance. Mr. Smith has been co-investigator of several EPRI projects dealing with cable life, and advanced diagnostics testing of new and aged cables.  He also contributed to several EPRI published documents, including sections of the EPRI Digest, the EPRI Green Book and other industry handbooks on wire and cable technology.

John T. Smith, III

Director, Marshall Technology Center

General Cable Corporation

P.O. Box 430

Scottsville, TX 75688-0430

Phone:  (903) 935-8203

Fax:       (903) 935-8525

Cell:        (903)-926-2407


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