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Norm Burns

IEEE Fellow

For technical leadership in the development and commercialization of supersmooth cable semiconducting shields.

Norman Burns obtained his education at the University of Delaware where he studied Chemical Engineering. After graduation, he accepted a position with Union Carbide where he recently completed a career spanning 43 years.

Norm made several significant contributions to the cable industry while at Carbide. One of his projects involved the definition of the carbon black to be used for ultraviolet protection in cable jackets. He made important contributions to the formulation of strippable semiconductive shields on cables. His most recent project was to develop a supersmooth semiconductive shield for cables. This has resulted in significantly longer life cables.

Norm has been an active participant in the Insulated Conductors Committee of the Power Engineering Society. He was co-founder of the working group on the characteristics of semicon shields. He recollects that the idea and need for such a working group came about during conversation at dinner during an ICC meeting. He then went on to be the co-chair of 5-29 (more recently redesignated as A2D of the Cable Construction and Design Subcommittee), the working group dealing with semiconductive shields.

Even though retired from Carbide, Norm still plays an active part in the IEEE. He continues as the co-chair of the group dealing with the characteristics of semiconductive shields. He also continues to live in New Jersey.

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