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PES-ICC Grievance Procedure

If any attendee believes that blatant commercialism is being introduced into any guides or standards being developed by the ICC or if any business conducted by the ICC is not handled in a proper, open professional manner, the attendee should use the following guidelines to address those concerns.

Grievances Concerning Technical Issues (Standards, Guides, or Recommended Practice)

  1. An ICC member should discuss the technical issues openly at the working group meeting. This assures that the issues are out in the open and provides a forum for others to agree or disagree. The member can also discuss the issue directly with the Working Group Chair.
  2. If that approach does not adequately address one’s concerns, the member should discuss the issues with the Subcommittee Chair who oversees the operations of the Working Groups within their Subcommittee.
  3. If there are still unresolved concerns, the technical issues should be discussed with the ICC Chair.
  4. After that, an IEEE Standards Association member has the right to vote negatively when the document goes to ballot. This addresses the issue directly with the IEEE Standards Board.

Grievances Concerning Non-Technical Issues (Operational Issues)

Because the ICC is a volunteer professional organization, attendees should make every effort to avoid embarrassing a fellow attendee when an issue is brought forward. Operational issues are best dealt with by speaking directly to the appropriate level of leadership within the ICC and outside of a regular meeting.

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