Welcome to the Advance Registration website for the Spring 2019 Insulated Conductors Committee meeting! Advance Registration for the meeting will be open until 5:00 P.M. ET on Friday, 29-March 2019.

Please use Advance Registration to update your information for registration as this helps us plan for the meeting. However, if you want to receive the Advance Registration rates, you must pay in advance using a credit card or mail a check postmarked by Friday, 29-March-2019. Even if you do not plan to attend the Spring 2019 ICC meeting, you must update your contact information to continue receiving future meeting announcements. Beginning 25-May-2018, the European Union has implemented a new regulation that addresses the privacy of and security of personal information, such as the information collected to register for a conference or meeting; this is referred to as the General Data Protection Regulation [link to the following:]. As a global organization, the IEEE is seeking to be compliant worldwide, and this affects the information collected by the IEEE Insulated Conductors Committee. Note that the ICC never distributes a mailing list to third parties except as included in the minutes of the meeting in a directory.

If you have not identified how we are to maintain your personal information through the “Directory “ data you will be required to make a selection according to the information below before you will be allowed to register.

1) Keep me on the ICC mailing list and include my information in the directory published with the minutes including contact details. This allows other ICC members the ability to get your contact information from the minutes. This option will allow the ICC to contact you about future meetings and other relevant announcements.

2) Keep me on the ICC mailing list but do not include my information in the ICC minutes. This option will allow the ICC to contact you about future meetings and relevant announcements. If you previously selected an “N” (do not publish my contact details in the minutes), you will be forced to make a new selection.

3) Delete all of my data after this meeting and do not contact me in the future. For the purposes of the upcoming meeting, we will retain your information long enough to contact you about the availability of the minutes. However, once the final minutes are published, you will not be further contacted by the ICC about future meetings.

If you have a dietary restriction (e.g., vegetarian, nut allergy, Kosher, etc.), please make an appropriate designation in your registration details prior to registering. We make attempt to accommodate your dietary needs at the meeting. The default for this field is “none”.

Note: Attendance at the meeting requires meeting registration and that each attendee displays a registration badge. Those not showing a registration badge will be directed to the registration desk and prevented access to the meeting areas, refreshments during coffee breaks, and access to the Table Top exhibit space. All exhibitors in the Table Top area are required to register for the meeting.

You will continue to have the option to purchase the Historical Minutes on a thumb drive. We collected every set of minutes since the first meeting in 1947, scanned those that only existed as paper copies along with recent electronic minutes, and made the entire package searchable. We have updated the Historical Minutes so that now when you purchase them, you will get all the minutes from 1947 through Fall 2018. The cost of the Historical Minutes is $100.


From the Advance Registration page, you have three choices:

1. Previous ICC Attendee –

This choice is for people who have registered and attended the ICC at least once in the past three years. If you are a Previous ICC Attendee, you should receive an email on or about 4-March-2019 advising you that On-Line Registration is open. To log on, enter your ID and Password (e.g., “Arnold, Thomas P”). If you have problems with your password, simply check the "Forgot My Password" box and enter your email address as the password. Your password will be emailed to you. If you have problems, please contact Thomas Arnold at or by phone, at 770-361-6286. Previous meeting attendees, who didn't attend the fall 2018 meeting, will be required to respond to a question related to the GDPR privacy initiative described above.

2. New Registrant –

This choice is for people who are planning to attend the ICC for the first time ever, or who have attended in more than 3 years. Simply select the New Registrant box and fill out the form. From here you can Register and pay using the online system. In an effort by ICC to attract more Utility Engineers, we offer a complimentary registration for the first 10, first-time utility attendees. After entering your information, you should be presented with a form that allows you to register as a complimentary attendee. If you have any problems or questions, please contact Thomas Arnold, Membership Secretary.

3. ICC Website –

To learn more about ICC and upcoming meetings please visit the website and view this short video by our Chairman, Earle C. (Rusty) Bascom, III. This is the link to the video:


See you at the Hyatt Regency Savannah in Savannah, Georgia , U.S.A. This area is a popular destination for vacation travelers and the ICC room block is limited. If you are unable to register for the conference hotel through the website, you are encouraged to contact the hotel directly by telephone to see if they have any availability. You may also reach out to Jennifer Quandel ( who assists the ICC with our hotel accommodations and room block.


We have all the Fall 2018 minutes available for download now. If you attended the Fall 2018 meeting or if you purchased the Fall 2018 minutes, you may download them now by logging on to the system and selecting Download Minutes.

Phone: 770-361-6286

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